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Perforated Gypsum Ceiling

  • Perforated Ceiling Tiles

Perforated Ceiling Tiles

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LINYI YULONG BUILDING MATERIALS CO., LTD. is a large-scale professional production of PVC gypsum ceiling gypsum board and manufacturers. The main production of PVC cover the ceiling, gypsum board, paint keel partition ceiling products, etc. Has the production base in shandong, anhui production base, 30 million square meters of gypsum board production line 5, dozens of PVC cover the ceiling production line, six large warehouse. Dozens of paint keel on new production line.

Company exports more than 300 sets of PVC cover ceiling a month to the Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia, South America and other places. More than 300 container to fujian, guangdong, hainan and other places. More than 200 flat car to hebei, henan, tianjin, Beijing and other places.

Company is responsible for the customer, timely delivery, strict quality control, for the masses of customers to provide cheap and fine products, considerate service.

Welcome the masses of customers came to negotiate the choose and buy.


Purchase information

·   1Sources that

Shipping containers within  14 days  after got deposit.

·   2About the size

Actual production size will be a plus or minus 2 MM gap, there will be a plus or minus 0.2 MM thickness 

·   3About the color 

The same batch goods unified color, different batches of goods may be color difference. 





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